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Very small annoyances

Very small things…

The panel, if in dark mode, and used in “unity” mode, makes the menu title invisible when opening a sub-menu. This actually doesn’t happen with a light mode panel.

The volume icon becomes invisible in light panels.

I think the inter-launcher icon spacing in TopX is too wide. The dockbar inter-icon spacing should be tighter.

The terminal app [desktop] file should have “new instance” in it. I did not see a way to launch another terminal instance from the dockbar.

Yes, that is my list of very tiny problems that annoyed me ;).

Can you please send some screenshots? - copy-paste them here.

This is the panel in dark mode and the title of the opened application is there in the title bar:

The volume icon becomes visible in light panels.

You mean it becomes invisible when choosing a light theme?

Hold Shift on your keyboard and click the terminal icon, or any other icon, to launch a new instance.

Yes, I meant invisible.

On the thunar menu, for example, if you click on any of the menus (file, view, etc), the “file” or “view” becomes invisible when the submenu opens on the dark panel. If you turn off dark panel, it still shows. Hmm, maybe this is only the case with a dark panel and a light application theme?

I was expecting middle-click to do it, I hadn’t considered shift ;).

I cannot replicate. I have selected the dark mode for panels + light/dark theme. Then disabled the dark mode for panels + light/dark theme. Cannot replicate…maybe send a video to show me where the issue is.

Yes they will implement middle-click in the next releases. Shift is not intuitive.

My own preference is all light themes. I changed the fonts to Ubuntu Regular, hinting to slight, and sub-pixel hinting, because that seemed to work much better on light themes. So I played around with a lot of the theme settings, including window manager. Naturally I prefer the TopX layout, too. I also prefer close, etc, to be on the right. So I experimented with a lot of changes, including trying the cuppertino profile, and also played with the layout changes, any of which might have been involved in this issue. I may have to create another user account and go thru more carefully to see which thing may have done this to unity mode, because I recall it worked correctly initially on either light or dark panel mode, too, and it was only much later that I started noticing this behavior.

So here we have the misbehaving unity menu…

Tell me exactly what theme you are using. What color variation and all that. So I can test.

Ok I think you are using the Grey variant of Skeuos theme. I see that behavior now. Thing is it is related to the theme and not TROMjaro…maybe it is a good idea to report it to the theme developer here

Yes, I just figured it out, too! In fact, I used the light-dark skeus. The hint is also in the picture, the black selection bar in thunar. I had meant to use blue-light…it works correctly with blue-light…

Yes, I know I can be very picky about appearance. I really do like your take on unity.

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So can you showcase some screenshots for this so I understand what you mean?

If you look at this screenshot, the icon spacing on the left of the panel is very tight, maximizing the icons that can be on it…

Here there is some empty space lost between launcher icons… on a large screen it may not matter, but on smaller laptop screens when you have a lot of things active in the dock this will become important.

The problem with the volume control icon in light panels, and similarly, the xfce logout when you have a light theme, is really in the icon theme. I think an alternative “light” version of the icon theme that modifies just a few icons (volume, xfce exit buttons, maybe a few others) would work for that. Of course then it would be hard to do a mixed dark panel and light theme, which I have come to like.

Ah ok I see what you mean. It will be fixed in the next TROMjaro release.

Yes this is an issue with the icon pack, Zafiro. I have reported to the devs a while ago. It happens when you have light panels.

Yep, a pure light theme is going to need icon adjustments in Zafiro. I am temporarily using mint-y-blue, which I do find is uglier than Zafiro…

This is how I define TopX locally in tromjaro…

I set the top panel to 24 pixels, fix icon size to 22, and manually set the icon size in the dockbar to 22.