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Fix the updates if you have removed Timeshift Autosnap

We use the package timeshift-autosnap-manjaro to create automated backups of the system whenever we detect that core components get updated. This is a great safety-net and we recommend that you leave it as such. If when you install TROMjaro you have selected the BTRF partition then these backups are instant. If you have selected something else like RSYNC then they may take a few minutes. Some may get bothered by this, and some may want to control their system backups themselves. You can setup, of course, on top of this custom backups of your system via System Backups.

In any case, despite us not recommending the removal of that package, if you remove it you may notice that you cannot do any updates anymore. To fix that go to your System Files. Open the folder etc as root (right click it and select that), then delete this file /pacman.d/hooks/00-timeshift-autosnap.hook. That’s it.

When you remove timeshift-autosnap-manjaro the file /etc/timeshift-autosnap.conf turns into a pacsave file with .pacsave extension at the end, I think the correct file that should be removed is /etc/pacman.d/hooks/00-timeshift-autosnap.hook. But I don’t have any updates pending, so I can’t test this right now…

I got some updates on TROMjaro now, and after some testing I can confirm that /etc/pacman.d/hooks/00-timeshift-autosnap.hook is the correct file to be removed.

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