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Whats the matter with Firefox

I’ve distro hopped quite a few times. I always use Firefox and everything syncs with my account so I have all my extensions, passwords, bookmarks, etc. This firefox on Tromjaro seems broken. I tried removing it and re installing it but get the same thing. Whats up with this?

If you want to fully remove a program from Linux you have to also remove the settings from your home directory. If you want to fully remove the custom settings we ship with, simply remove the .mozilla folder from your home folder. We have removed the Mozilla Sync but plan to add it back some day. You can re-enable it even with our settings tho.

Thank you for your reply. I wasn’t able to get the sync to work, so I replaced Tromjaro with Cachy OS. I have four computers and my phone use Firefox. Although mostly retired now, I need access to my logins, plugins and bookmarks for the few clients I do a little work for these days. So, Tromjaro won’t work for me.

Seems a bit extreme to change the OS because our default Firefox does not have Sync enabled :slight_smile: - you could easily either enable Sync for Firefox or delete the config files and then you’ll have a barebone, default Firefox. But of course, up to you.

I shared the same concern after trying TROMjaro in a VM today.
Thank you for explaining the steps how to set Firefox to default again.

Definitely motivated to fully instal and try the OS out some more, it’s amazing so far.

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If I wanted to enable Sync for Firefox but keep all the addons and tweaks that you ship Firefox with, how exactly would I do that?

Try this iso-profiles-settings/prefs.js at master - iso-profiles-settings - Gitea .

Basically in a new tab write about:config - click accept then paste those values such as identity.fxaccounts.enabled then toggle to true. Let me know if it works. Restart Firefox ofc.

Changing that one value did the trick.

Thank you!

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So as you can see enabling the Sync feature is a matter of seconds Enable Firefox Sync :slight_smile: