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Two tweaks to improve the usability on touchscreen devices

TROMjaro is tested and optimized for touch screen devices too. But there are 2 specific things we could not set up as default because they would interfere with the desktop (mouse and keyboard use).

Disable the mouse cursor

When you use your fingers to interact with the screen, it is annoying to always see the cursor. To get rid of that go to Session and Startup and add this:

The command is: unclutter --hide-on-touch

Now reboot. You will still see the mouse cursor if you use a pen/mouse. It only disappears when you touch the screen with your fingers.

The virtual keyboard

Fortunately we ship with a good virtual keyboard that we’ve tested a lot. However, to make it more usable you have to set it up to showcase when it detects a text input. Open the Virtual Keyboard Settings and enable this:

Reboot. That’s it. A much better experience. Do not forget that we ship with out of the box touch screen gestures.

Have fun!