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TROMjaro Beta 2021.11.22

A quick release to add-up the updates that Manjaro pushed recently, plus tweak a few things.

  • We fixed some issues with the window size for the Settings Manager, and now it should fit better on the screen when it is first opened
  • Changed the releases link in the RSS Reader, to
  • The package for Syncthing changed to syncthing-gtk-python3 - so make sure you install that package. It will remove the old one. You can go here and install it.
  • There is an issue with the icon theme we are using (Zafiro) where status icons (the small ones) are dark on a dark background. We reported the issue here. We hope that they can fix it soon. In the meantime we changed the top bar icons to some custom ones for better integration with the system. Mind you, these have to be manually changed if you change the icon theme. It is a temporary fix for this ISO. If you already have TROMjaro and would like to do this, then right click the dark icons you see in the top bar, then properties, and change the icons. Grab the icons from here, and copy them to the /.local/share/icons/Zafiro/apps/scalable/ . Then select them as explained above.

Known issues:

  • If you remove timeshift-autosnap you may be unable to update your system because removing it won’t remove the custom config file we created for it. To remove the config file go to the folder etc in your System Files, and remove the file timeshift-autosnap.conf. You may have to right click the etc folder, then open as root, for this to work.
  • The left Dock that contains the apps, may be a bit buggy and crash when you install/update applications. You may see a popup asking you to “execute” or “remove”. Click “execute” to bring it back. This is reported here

Grab the ISO from here.

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You can download the latest TROMjaro from:

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