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TROMjaro 2024.02.22

Pushing the normal Manjaro Stable updates plus:

Beaver Notes, our default notes app, moved from beaver-notes-bin to beaver-notes. We recommend that you remove the bin version and install the non-bin one from the repos.

Calamares: Finally a must needed change for the Calamares installer…since 5 years ago we had a package for Calamares that was meant to allow us to customize it. Long story short, Calamares did not respect the system’s theme and it was a mess in terms of being able to customize the look of it. So the package that we had was old and terrible. And we didn’t use the latest Calamares code because of that. No more of this bad practice!

Now we customize Calamares via a simple config file, the way Calamares suggest that you do the customizations, and Calamares is now respecting the system’s theme too. No more old packages and rusty code.

Now the TROMjaro installer is clean, stable, and respects the system’s theme fully:

If you experience any issues with these updates, as a current TROMjaro user, please read this.

Likely for TROMjaro you will have to open the terminal and do sudo pacman -Syu pacman-contrib. If you need more help comment on this post.

That’s all. Grab the ISO from here.