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TROMjaro 2023.11.07

The usual Manjaro Stable updates plus:

@rokosun managed to re-write from scratch our TROMjaro Theme Switcher and TROMjaro Welcome. He made them in a way that are a lot better in terms of the code but also how they integrate into the desktop. We can now add more features to them.

Here is a demo of the new Theme Switcher:

And the Welcome app:

We’ve also removed the Firefox Translation add-on because Firefox now has built-in local translations. Got to the Menu then Settings and search for Trnaslations.

Some dependency hell

On my personal system I could not do the latest updates because of some dependency hell. I realized that the package qqc2-desktop-style does not exist in any repositories anymore because it was replaced by the qqc2-desktop-style5 one. Our TROMjaro Fixes package depends on the qqc2-desktop-style one and this qqc2-desktop-style despite not being in any repository anymore conflicts with many other packages…

Anyway, we updated the TROMjaro Fixes to use the qqc2-desktop-style5 instead so maybe there will be no issue. But in case anyone needs more help either reply here or use our live support chat -

Grab it from here.