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TROMjaro 2023.06.04

The usual Manjaro Stable updates plus some more stuff.

Fix: many apps take a long time to open

Open the terminal and paste this: sudo pacman -Rdd xdg-desktop-portal-gnome - hit enter. Add your password. Now do one more sudo pacman -S xdg-desktop-portal-gtk. That’s it!

Fix some terminal stuff

This is a simple color fix for our custom terminal colors. Go to your home folder and find the file .zshrc - open with a text editor. Find this line RPROMPT="%{$fg[red]%} %(?..[%?])" and replace with RPROMPT="%{$fg[red]%} %(?..[%?])%{$reset_color%}" . Done!

Fix some python related things

This one can be very difficult and I personally did not do it for my system. Problem is, since Manjaro delays some updates to keep the system stable, many python packages got a new and important update and thus many packages from the AUR stopped working in Manjaro. Since we use the Chaotic AUR plus Manjaro’s repos, it is very unlikely that you may have AUR packages that were built against python packages. If so see this post [HowTo] Re-install packages after a Python upgrade (short version) - Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum and follow the steps.

Internet Content Blocker

Originally known as TBlock GUI, this is a must for our trade-free operating system. Basically it is a system-wide ad and tracker blocker. We renamed it as Internet Content Blocker since it goes beyond just ads and trackers.

It has a few easy steps to configure.

After the setup is done you can have a lot of fine tuning access to tweak things the way you desire:

You can even block custom domains:

The awesome part is that this will block the “bad stuff” everywhere on your system, regardless what browser and apps you use. However it cannot block some ads like the pre-roll ads on youtube and the like, so you’d need an adblocker for you browser for that.

Overall a great addition to our distro and a big thanks to the ones behind TBlock.

Grab it from here.

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Thanks for the fixes! I had some issues but I think all fixed now after following this guide, and re-editing my fix-theming file again as mentioned in the scaling thread.
I didn’t bother with the Python fixes either since it said in the referenced forum post that simply reinstalling broken apps also works, so I took that route to fix both ulauncher and radiotray-ng.

I think the Whisker menu is no longer aligned as nicely as it used to be since it seems to be aligned with the launcher button for it rather than the panel (so it is overlapping my panel now). But no big deal. Maybe I will take a closer look at that some other time.

Was TBlock supposed to get installed automatically just with the latest system update? It didn’t for me. Anyway, looking forward to trying that out as had been meaning to test both that and Safing at some point anyway.

Can you provide a screenshot? Seems all good for me.

Nope but you can install from the link in the main post. TBLock – TROM-Jaro

It is only if you have a double row panel, with a single row WhiskerMenu button in the lower row. The WhiskerMenu when opened then aligns with the button, rather than the panel, resulting in it overlapping the top of the panel which looks a little messy as so:

But I have checked now and is the same in Manjaro and MX Linux, so it is definitely just an XFCE issue, and maybe I misremember that it used to align more nicely with the panel :thinking:

Thanks – got it working now! It is not clear how to manually check for updates to the subscribed lists, but I guess since they’re only at the first stable release stage of the GUI, there are likely more improvements to come in time :slight_smile:

Ah I see. This must be a Whusker issue. Please report it here Panel Plugins / xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin · GitLab - could help us all if they fix it. At the moment I am a bit tired and busy else I would have reported it myself.

The lists should also auto update in the background from what I know, but am not 100% sure.

I asked the developer and if the daemon runs in the background then everything should auto update. Check with

systemctl status tblockd

More info here Post-installation - TBlock Documentation

I already did: :nerd_face:

Oh, that’s very helpful thank you! I found it was disabled by default, but after enabling and starting it, and then rebooting the system, it appears to stay enabled OK.

I think ideally the user should be asked whether they wish to enable this when they run the GUI app. Maybe worth a mention if you happen to be speaking to that developer again. But seems like the sort of thing they likely already have in mind for a future update.

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There is this issue already #65 - Automatically enable the daemon after installation - tblock -

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