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TROMjaro 2023.02.04

The usual Manjaro updates PLUS:

Added CatFish back.

We used this as our main search tool when Thunar did not have any. Now that Thunar has a built-in search feature I thought we need no extra tool. However CatFish is wonderful when it comes to advanced searches. Like you can search only documents, you can search inside documents too, or only folders and so forth. It is wonderful. Go grab it from here.

Mind you in TROMjaro I named it as Advanced Search. I also added it to the context menu too, like so:

This is handy. To do that, open the File Manager, then go to Edit - Configure Custom Actions. And add a new action (the plus icon):

Do it like so:

That’s all. How easy!

Added screen-to-text.

This is such a wonderful and useful little app. You select any region of the screen that contains text and it auto extracts the text for you.


This is so handy when you want to extract text from photos/videos in a very quick manner. In TROMjaro it is called Screen to Text and you can install it from here. You need to also install the tesseract-data-eng package for it to work. Do it from Add/Remove Software.

That’s all. Grab the ISO form here.