TROMjaro Forum

TROMjaro 2022.12.07

On top of the normal Manjaro Stable Updates we did a few changes:

  • We added a cool Emoji picker that works with anything, system-wide. Meaning, you press a key combo (Ctrl+Alt+E - or any you setup) and an emoji picker will appear letting you insert any that you want. No need to rely on your favorite app to provide you with such a feature! Grab it from here.

  • We added another app that’s truly fantastic: AutoKey! It may look a bit intimidating at first, but once you get familiar with it, you’ll realize how powerful it is. Basically you can easily remap keys on your keyboard, or setup so that when you press some keys or key-combos, some specific text will be pasted, and so much more.

  • We added an audio equalizer to our Settings Manager. It is pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa. You can install it via Add/Remove Software.

  • We have removed the Video Download Helper Firefox Addon together with the vdhcoapp package. This allowed users to download all sorts of media files directly from the browser, but unfortunately it was not updated in almost 2 years and they were providing some trade-based features. If we can find an alternative to this we will add it to TROMjaro in the future.

That’s all, grab it from here.