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TROMjaro 2022.11.18 (basic system updates)

Again, the usual updates that come from Manjaro. But also a few changes. Minor.

Fix an error with vala appmenu

Our tromjaro-layout-switcher depends on these packages:


But we switched to their git versions, so you may see an error saying that some of those packages cannot be removed because tromjaro-layout-switcher depends on them. Normally you should not see this, but if you do, simply choose to not update any of the above packages, just update everything + tromjaro-layout-switcher . That should do it. tromjaro-layout-switcher will remove the above packages and install their git versions.

One more

We switched the package for Rustdesk to another one. You can reinstall from here RustDesk – TROM-Jaro - it will remove the package you have and reinstall the new one. You can keep the old one too, but that one comes from repo, while the old one from AUR so updates for the old package will take a while to build on your system.

Get it from here.