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TROMjaro 2022.09.08 (Chaotic-Beta)

A quick release of a new ISO for our Beta. Here’s what we’ve changed or added:

  • We replaced our default USB flash utility with popsicle. Popsicle is easier to use and displays the HASH value of the ISO, which is quite helpful. It can also write the same ISO on multiple disks at once.

  • Remove the & from the reinstall-for-qt script. Find it in /usr/bin/. Edit as root, of course.

  • We checked all of our layouts from our Layout Switcher on many resolutions to make sure they scale up correctly. There was 1 issue with the MacOS layout. Grab the layout from here. Then add it to .local/share/tromjaro-layouts/profiles/.

  • We’ve added to the Documents folder a PDF that explains in a simple way what Trade-Free is all about. Remember, TROMjaro is not just another distro, it has a greater purpose. This is the PDF.

Trade-Free Apps

We have created a WebAPP for our page. This way we make it much easier for anyone to access our library of trade-free apps and install them directly from there.


We have finally integrated our VideoNeat website into TROMjaro. Simply open the app and click any documentary/course to start watching. How cool! And you can add them to your favorite list that it is stored locally in your machine.

You can make webapps out of these websites as easy as opening the Web Apps from the Apps menu. If you want to use our icons grab them from here. And in the same app simply select them. That’s all.

That’s it for now folks, grab it from here.