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TROMjaro 2022.07.20

The usual Manjaro updates plus:

Backup app

We have replaced the default files backup application. Instead of using DejaDup, that had some Google Drive integration, we are now using the Pika Backup application. It looks very similar and advertises no trade-based service. It supports scheduled backups and all that. It also supports online backups to Borg repositories. For those who know how to setup a Borg server, they can then use that to backup their files to the cloud. So far this is the best and easiest to use trade-free backup application we found.

One more thing to keep in mind, when you want to restore any file it is easy: click the Archives and then browse the files.

Copy whatever files you want from the backup. However you have to right click those files/folders after you copy them and change the permission to read/write so you have full access to these folders/files. You’ll see a lock on these files if you do not and you can’t access them fully. It is a small thing but not that difficult.

APPS panel highlight colors

We replaced the apps panel highlight color with white. I am talking about these little dots:

We did so because it makes no sense to use the green color as the accent color for these, since it will stay green even if you choose another theme that has a different accent color. Now it is more consistent. And yes if you choose to have light panels it may not look that great, but for now it is better than before.

To change that properly you should edit some files so that it syncs with all of the layouts from our Layout Switcher. First, right click the apps in the apps panel then properties. You’ll see this:

Simply change the accent colors to white and white-ish. Doesn’t have to be that exact.

Next go to .config/xfce4/panel/ and edit the files docklike-2.rc , docklike-11.rc and docklike-12.rc. We need to replace these 2 lines (whatever you have there):





  • We’ve added the forum to the speed dial
  • We added the Firefox Translations addon. This is a great addon that translates websites locally - so no data or attention trading involved.


  • We have removed the script called rofipass from the folder .local/bin/. It is not needed anymore.

  • We replaced the riseup-vpn package with riseup-vpn-git. The other package was not updated in a while so the VPN stopped working. Please install the new one, and remove the old one. Go here and click install.

That’s all!

Grab it from here.