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TROMjaro 2022.04.16

The usual Manjaro updates plus:

  • We updated mate-hud finally. We contacted the developers to fix something in regards to the theme so now all is good. It respects the theme that we use for the HUD.
  • We replaced the Privacy Redirect Firefox addon with the newer and up to date Libredirect. We recommend it! Tweak it to your own needs.
  • We added the new service (Jitsi) to the list of Webapps in Firefox, and removed the now defunct Notes.

That’s all! Keep it simple and stable! Grab it from here.

how do i update to latest version, i see the link to the 3.5gb ISO do i need to download that again?

Unless you are using the very old TROMjaro based on Gnome, then you do not have to do anything. Just do the updates whenever you see a notification for that.

So the old TROMjaro Gnome was ditched some 8 months ago or so. If you have installed TROMjaro in the last months, then as I said, just keep your system updated.