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TROMjaro 2022.02.27


Latest ISO did not use the latest LTS Kernel.

Sorry about that. The latest ISO only used the latest kernel (515) for the live ISO. We fixed it now. To migrate to kernel515 you have to do it via Add/Remove Software. Via the Kernel Settings may fail due to how we setup the automatic backups.


Open Add/Remove software and search for linux515 and linux515-headers. Make sure you select them from Repositories. Select and install. Reboot your computer. That should be it. You can check in the Kernel Settings if you are using the 515 one:

If you do not use it, reboot your computer and when you computer starts keep on pressing Shift until you see a TROMjaro menu. Select the Advanced options and then select the 515 kernels. That’s all.

We’ve added a cron job app.

The app is called Zeit and it is very useful. Imagine you want to tell you computer to open a certain app at a certain time, or any command or script. Now this app makes it so easy.

You can find it in the Settings Manager.

Clean Firefox even more.

In a new tab write about:config and press enter. Accept the risk and continue. Then paste: and click the right button to make it true.

  • browser.vpn_promo.enabled to be set to false
  • browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouter.disable-captive-portal-vpn-promo se to true

Ublock a few tweaks:

In Firefox, in the Ublock Origin Addon go to its settings and then enable the AdGuard URL Tracking Protection and AdGuard Annoyances.

Grab it from here.