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TROMjaro 2022.02.10

Bringing the latest Manjaro updates, plus:

- Moving to Kernel 5.15.

The new long term release (LTS) one. This is an event that should happen every few years and it is nothing that you, the user, should be bothered much about. The Kernel is the foundation of Linux and it works beneath all that. So, if you are a current TROMjaro user here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Kernel app


  1. Click install for the 5.15 one that’s also labeled as LTS and Recommended:

  1. After the install is done reboot your computer, and while it is rebooting pres the Shift key on your computer to bring up a menu like this:

Select the Advanced Options and then select the kernel 5.15 (not fallback).

That’s all. From now on you’ll use the latest kernel.

- We improved how we port the Firefox settings with all of the extensions and such. Less files, less hassle.

- We changed the Text Editor theme to “tango” to match our system’s theme.

- We improved a bit the TopX Layout so that the apps’ icons are more compact on the panel. Overall this is better for all layouts so here’s how to do it:

Go to .config/gtk-3.0/ and edit the file gtk.css. The /* Taller or wider buttons */ part of it.

To be as such:

 #docklike-plugin button {
    min-height: 48px;
    min-width: 20px;

That’s all. Grab it from here.