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Hello! Just installed this wonderful OS.

I’ve found that when using light themes the lock/reboot/shutdown buttons in the apps menu are white, so you cannot see them. Any fix to this?

And, when you are switching themes (to light), the message reads “dark panels may reuslt in light icons over a light theme”. I think it should be “may result in light icons over a dark theme”.

And a doubt: Is there a way to set the windows buttons (max,min,close) when maximizing a window to dark theme, when using a light theme and dark panel? Now you see a white square in each button. (I think this is what you are pointing in the message).

Great OS! Very polished. Thank you

The message sounds correct to me, assuming that what it is trying to convey is that if you start with something that is designed to have a dark background, and therefore has light coloured icons over it; if you then force the background to instead be light, you risk ending up with light icons over a light background if the icons are not also changed. I am not totally clear on the context here, so I could be mistaken. But there wouldn’t be any reason to warn the user about light icons over a dark background, seeing as that wouldn’t be a problem.

No idea about the window theming question though. I also have a problem with different window header bars not respecting scaling which I will ask about here once I get a chance.


I think that a “dark” icon theme has “clear colors” icons, because it paints over dark panel/widgets. That’s why I thing the message is confusing.

But of course, I could be wrong :slight_smile:


Thanks that’s very kind!

Can you please showcase that with a screenshot? And we are talking about TROMjaro’s Theme Switcher correct?

Ok so this may be the issue. You probably selected a light theme with light panels. That indeed will result in light icons on a light theme for the panels, making them hard to spot.

Ah yes that’s a little thing we should fix. We will try to push a fix soon. For now right click those top panel window buttons, then properties, and select a dark theme.

Thank you!

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I looked into this can we can’t improve it really since those buttons style syncs with the theme itself. So if you have selected a light theme, those buttons will use that light theme…if you combine a light theme with dark panels then yeah it results into light window buttons over a dark panel…

I have to correct myself about choosing a light theme with light panels. I am too tired now and it confuses me a bit but will get back to that haha.

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Basically our icon pack needs to be updated. Selecting a light theme and light panels should work best. That’s why the warning is for light themes plus a dark panel. But now the icon pack needs some updating to work better with a light theme and light panels. Will try too as soon as possible.

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So I updated the icon pack. Now the Theme Switcher should be better adapted. However the Menu power off, reboot and such icons need to be fixed upstream for the light panels. I submitted the change, waiting for the dev to approve.


Wow! This is really a quick, complete and efficient answer(s)! Thank you very much.

This is a secondary PC, but I’ll change my main one (MInt and Cinnamon), and my laptop (EndeavourOS and KDE) to this ASAP.

I was a long time user of Arch/XFCE and then Manjaro/XFCE. I got away because I get tired of some things. Tromjaro completely redefines my feelings about XFCE. To be precise, if you had done the same with any other desktop, I will say the same.

You know, KDE has things that are really appealing, like KWIN and all his visual bells and whistles, its tiling capabilities, and the Activities, that are superpowered (or superisolated) workspaces. But you have got a really coherent desktop. A brilliant one.

Keep the good work. Thank you again.

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You can change the windows-buttons applet theme, and it works in the current session, but you loose it after a reboot. JFYI.

Uncheck the “sync with the current theme” while you change that. So they won’t sync with the current theme and you can choose the theme manually.

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