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Support for the fingerprint reader

I recently bought this laptop that has a touchscreen and a fingerptint reader. Both help me make TROMjaro better. For my laptop the fingerptint reader works, but you have to set it up, and that’s not the prettiest, however not that difficult either.

If your laptop has a fingerptint reader you may be lucky and Linux may have support for it. So, first thing install the pakcage fprintd. Next, open the terminal and type fprintd-enroll . If it asks you to put your finger on the fingerprint reader, then it works. Follow the steps.

If it says device not found, then your fingerprint reader is not supported unfortunately.

If it worked, now we have to tell TROMjaro where to use it.

Open the folder /etc/pam.d/ as root (you know, right click it and select from there). In the following files system-local-login, login, lightdm, lightdm-greeter, lightdm-autologin, polkit-1, xfce4-screensaver add this line on top of it all auth sufficient

And that’s it! It should work. Restart your system just in case.

If you want it to work in the terminal too (but I do not recommend since the terminal can be a dangerous place that could nuke your system if you add the wrong command), you can edit the same for the su and sudo file.

I love my fingerprint reader. So much faster and easier to install/remove packages or login.