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SSH login and xauth breakage

I kept getting:

xset: unable to open display “”

when ssh’ing to my Tromjaro system…

I eventually traced this down to:


xset b off

Which is fine, unless you don’t have X set…such as a non-forwarded ssh connection. So I changed this to:

if test ! -z “$DISPLAY” ; then xset b off ; fi

Interesting. That was done to

# Disable the beep sound

xset b off

Do you recommend we should remove it?

@rokosun thoughts?

I suppose if tromjaro ever has to adopt wayland, it would be broken then, too. I also think beep disable already is a terminal preference. So it may be simplest to just remove the line…

Yes probably we should remove it. Will wait for @rokosun’s input since it is his code.

I don’t recommend removing the line because that beep sound will be everywhere and its annoying. In the app menu search if you press backspace (or the right/left arrow keys) when the search field is empty then it’ll beep, I’ve even heard this beep while using Firefox’s Find in page feature, its very loud on my laptop.

I did a bunch of testing and found 2 methods that worked for me:

  1. Replace that line with this one:
    [ -n "$DISPLAY" ] && xset b off
    This is basically a simplified version of the code that @dyfet shared before.

  2. Remove that line and create a different file at /etc/modprobe.d/nobeep.conf with this in it:
    blacklist pcspkr
    The advantage of this method is that it’ll remove the beep globally, before we could hear the beep sound in the login screen of TROMjaro, but that won’t happen if we move to this method.

If you want to test any of these on your system make sure to restart for the changes to take effect. And one odd thing I noticed while testing this is that my laptop won’t beep when the charger is plugged in, I’m not sure why.

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Thanks. I will do my best to apply one of these fixes the following days!