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How to enable the smooth pinch to zoom on Firefox as it is in the Tromjaro web app?

Hello, I’ve been using Tromjaro for about 2 days, and found that the default pinch to zoom enabled on Firefox is nice, but it’s a little jarring how the fonts adjust to the zoom, thus making everything unseeable due to fonts blocking everything.

However, this is not the case on either of the pre installed WebApps that Tromjaro includes by default, both of which I understand are running on Firefox . On these webapps, whenever I zoom in, the fonts do not jump around in size, meaning I can zoom in to exactly where I want without fonts blocking what I wanted to see, like on a smartphone. This is excellent for people with poor eyesight and p*rn

I found I could not log into the default Firefox Tromjaro comes pre installed with even after updating, so I installed the Firefox developer edition, and was not only able to log in there, but I also realized that smooth pinch to zoom works there as well!

Unfortunately, I’ve found that Tromjaro was not for me, and decided to just use Manjaro XFCE, however, I wanted to bring along the wonderful touchpad zoom gestures that TROMjaro comes pre installed with, and downloaded touche and touchegg. After trying to copy the exact pinch settings that Touche has on Tromjaro, I’m still unable to get the smooth zooming that TROMjaro Firefox developer edition and Tromjaro webapps had. I even copied the config file and no luck. Does anyone know how this smooth zooming was accomplished?

I have tested TROMjaro on my tablet and page zooming in firefox seems very smooth - perhaps depends on the websites…our webapps that we ship with simply use the same Firefox. Basically you are saying that the zooming works much better on the Firefox dev?

As for gestures here is the config file iso-profiles-settings/touchegg.conf at master - iso-profiles-settings - Gitea - should work on any manjaro/xfce install. Make sure that the touchegg service is killed first. Then edit the file.

Thanks a lot Tio, the conf file you provided as well as momentarily disabling touchegg service resolved my issue!
Basically, on my laptop, when pinching the touchpad to zoom in on the default Firefox browser, it was very jagged zoom in, like the scaling of the website increases to the point of unusability. However, the webapps you provided such as the Tromjaro apps page and the documentary videos webapps, the pinch zooming was very smooth, like on a smartphone, where websites still retain their original scaling. This was also true on Firefox Developer Edition for some reason. I loved this so I really wanted to replicate it on another distro, so I very much appreciate it! Definitely plan on revisiting Tromjaro at some point in the future, you guys have made a very visually appealing and easy to use distro, hope you guys gain more traction.

Thanks again, best wishes.

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I am happy to hear that!