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Difficulties updating apps


Really enjoying tromjaro but im having trouble updating my apps. This seems to come up every time I try and update anything even if I indepently try and update firefox.


Im not sure if you can see the screenshot but it says:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing hwids breaks dependency ‘hwids’ required by pciutils,
  • if possible, remove pciutils and retry
  • removing libosinfo breaks dependency ‘libosinfo’ required by tracker-miners,
  • if possible, remove tracker-miners and retry

Im not so smart with linux, but would appreciate some help
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

So the message says that you are trying to remove the package named hwids and that is required by pciutils. pciutils is important so do not remove it.

Go to Add/Remove Software and install the package hwdata. This should replace hwids. So do that first.

You can also remove tracker-miners to fix the second error.

Let me know how it goes. And please make these posts in the “bugs” section of this forum, there is no need to send me a personal message.

Also, it seems you might be using a very old version of TROMjaro. Can you tell me when did you install it?


Thanks for the reply!

Sorry about that, will do that next time.

I removed tracker-miners. But by trying to install hwdata automatically made it want to update all the apps i need to update. And when trying to update it says it imvalid or corupted.

I installed it around a year ago and havent used my laptop for 6 months. So trying to figure things out now.


No problem.

Ok let’s try something else. From what I’ve read this is an issue with moving that package from repos to AUR and then in AUR it got removed. Since you are using an old version of TROMjaro and did not update in so long, you are seeing this conflict.

First open the terminal then paste this

sudo pacman -Syu

It will ask for your password. Then see if it asks you to replace hwids with hwdata - if it does say yes (or “y”). That would fix it. If it doesn’t work try to remove the hwids package via the terminal with the command:

sudo pacman -R hwids

Let me know.

Hmm gave it a try and says i cannot perform this operation unless im the root.

Apprecaite youre help and time

Ah yes sorry you should add sudo in front of the commands. Editing now.

Replace chrome-gnome-shell with extra/gnome-browser-connector? [Y/n] ?

Sure, do that. We also have a chat in case you need more direct support

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Okay great to know, its just asking me to replace lots of things I think to newer versions.

Yup follow along and replace please. Hopefully all will work well.

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