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Appimage Desktop Integration

Hi there,

I installed pcloud as an Appimage and now on every boot there is a message about Desktop Integration.
It doesn’t matter what I click, the message appears on every single boot…

Is there a way to get rid of this message?


Hi. From where did you install it? And how more exactly? I suspect pcloud wants to start at boot and it is triggering the Appimage Laungher


I installed it with pamac from the AUR.

You are right, it tries to start the appimage on startup. So I just disable that one (last one in my screenshot) and add “pcloud” manually?

I think the way that package is made is not right…or I am nor sure. Maybe yes disable that one since for sure it is the one that is causing the problem. And make pcloud start in a different way. That last line in your screenshot clearly says that the Appimage of pcloud is setup to autostart on login.

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I disabled the appimage one and simply added pcloud manually.
Works with no issues :slight_smile: