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Use the Chatic AUR

If you are an older TROMjaro user and did not yet implemented the Chaoric AUR into your system, we highly recommend you to do that. Our Library of apps also relies on it. It is super easy to implement.

Open the terminal, do these:

You will be asked for your password and such.

sudo pacman-key --recv-key FBA220DFC880C036 --keyserver

sudo pacman-key --lsign-key FBA220DFC880C036


sudo pacman -U '' ''

Edit 1 file

Go to the file /etc/pacman.conf, open as root (right click the file), and at the very bottom of it (very important) add this:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/chaotic-mirrorlist

Open Add/Remove Software.

Refresh your database:

Close Add/Remove Software, Open again. Then check to see if you can access the repository. For example if you search for Ungoogled Chromium you should be able to find it in Repositories.

If not try to do this command in the terminal: sudo pacman-key --populate chaotic

That’s all! Enjoy!